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the best

litterally anything you got it can open


no need to say its perfect

Does what it does!

So; it may not directly open everything; but the quick links to file ext, file type etc websites does help quickly track down apps to open unknown files. As others noted; opens PDF files preview and even Acrobat Pro can't (didn't try Acrobat reader). Appears to open slightly damaged files well! Great job Rocky Sand Studio

So for so good

Gives the info I need. Just started using.


It does not actually open ANY file… Just tells you what app you can use to open it which a simple google search will tell you - mis-leading - do NOT think this will help you open files you do not have the app already…. and the apps it suggest do not open the file most of the time - total waste….. just useless for what it leads the user to believe it is going to do.

Try and find a way to use "Open any file".

Looking up “Open” on youtube is a nightmare on how someone may use this program.. As much as I love to remember how all of my app’s work I forget from time too time thus need refreshing so I go to youtube, or google the app etc. Nonetheless, it is funny trying to find educational video on how this app can be used…. Try and see what happens.

Is Not Removed By Simple Deletion

Not only is it basically adware and hasn’t helped me, a developer who works with different files all the time, in 3 months (ZERO times total), it can not be deleted by simply deleting the app normally. This is very deceiptful for an app to do because it keeps its data on your hard drive which wastes space, meanwhile when you delete an application you’d expect it to be completely removed. Many apps (too many), however, keep a simple preferences file to save your preferences if you decide to install again, which I’m fine with. However, Open Any File still will occasionally open itself even though I’ve deleted it! I’m not going to go ahead and call it spyware because way too many people do that to every app that upsets them, and this app has too many downloads to likely be spyware. However, the fact that it runs after being deleted is quite unsettling. Just google the file extension!


I have yet to use this since it is quarentined. Disappointed since I only download from the App Store and it was infected. -10 stars It opens almost nothing.

Reading PDF

macOS is high sierra - Encountered no problem from installation to application. Good tool to have.


I’m unable to open an .xlsx file on my computer. All this app does is recommend that I open the file in Excel. Well, DUH!!! If I could do that, I wouldn’t have downloaded this app.

Opened .PDF when Peview wouldn’t

I upgraded to High Sierra this weekend and now Preview doesn’t open old tax statements that were in the .PDF format that it used to be able to open with the last operating system. Thankfully, this app was able to open old W-2 statements. I'm currently working on reporting the bug to Apple.

Worked for me

I was able to read a file with “.info” extension.


Excellent app—performs flawlessly!

Open Any File, AKA Permissions Hijack!

Regardless of the usefullness of this tool, I cannot believe this app passed Apples submission process. It automatically hijacks ALL FILE PERMISSIONS, inexcusable. My $.02, if it is necessary for the app to take over permissions, dont make it automatic, and have a toggle switch, anything... Once that is fixed, it could be a great app.

Great app. Does what is says it does.

This app does what it says it does. It provides information for opening any app that can be opened on a Mac (no .exe, etc.). Perhaps the name of the app is giving the wrong impression and the low ratings. I’d suggest a rename to “File Diag” (to match their Disk Diag app), “Hexdump+”, or perhaps “File X-ray”. I have three minor suggestions for the next version: 1) add the permissions (e.g. -rwxrwxrwx 777) on the file in the FIle Information section, 2) move the Hexdump section to a tab on the same window so that you can see more of the hex dump strings without scrolling as much, 3) allow searching on ASCII strings in the hexdump so you can find error messages, filename, paths, easier than scrolling through the whole hexdump.


literally does nothing.

Stole priority for my yaml and json files

Wanted an app that would easily show hex dump of a file, and needed to look at checksums… Seemed like a decent app since it did both of those things at once. It managed to set itself as the default app for a bunch of my yaml and json config files though, which was annoying. Luckily it is easy to reset the default app through Finder’s Get Info panel.



0 stars

app did not do anything! Do not install!

Does what it says - no trouble at all!

Pretty useful utility - easy to use and provided the info i was needing. I had a fun time challenging it and the program was on target every time in determining what program was needed to open a variety of files.

Doesnt Work

I had an issue with it almost immediately after loading it. Pass by this one

Please see the following information

The issue reproted by TheBomobo122, is not true. What really happens is that it set as a defualt software to open anything that you can not open by an existing software. Simply dont use it as defualt will work as normal. I guess he gets some .exe and want to double click to install it on mac, oops!

It works.

It works fine, doesn’t take control of your Mac like TheBombo122 stated. It only runs when opened, ridiculous comment.

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